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Lions are highly social animals.

They live in prides of 10 – 30 lions/lionesses.


A common prey for lioness is zebra, wilderbeast etc. But there most challenging prey of all is wild buffalo.

Lioness do most of the hunting because male lions aren’t made for the job they are more built for patrolling and driving nomadic males away from the pride.


Only females over the age of two are eligible for hunting.

Therefore the younger females must watch and learn from their mothers.Female lions usually go within 30 metres of their prey before the begin a sprint.In a hunting session there are chasers and catchers,the chasers drive the prey into the catchers that hide in the long grass,next the catchers drive he prey onto the ground.

When lions feed it can get quite aggressive. Trying to feed 10 – 30 mouths is not easy.male lions usually get first pick of the kill. Adolescents usually get second pick due to their high numbers.Females and cub usually get the leftovers from the kill, but sometimes all the lions decide to try feed first and it usually end up in a cat fight (please excuse my bad pun).

Lions can eat up to 35 kg of meat a day buffalo only weigh 25 – 30 kg which means none of the lions are usually left full.

The lionesses main hunting tactics are to corner their prey/surround their prey and move in closer for the kill.Lions can run up to about 30 miles an hour which is a great advantage in the African plains,also 70% of a lions body structure is made up of muscle and body strength, lions are also equipped with razor sharp canines,a powerful jaw of 30 mg of bite force and dagger like claws to grip the tough hide of some prey.lions have got a stamina witch is another advantage. lions are also have a good sens of smell and good eye sight both better the humans.

adventure time

Adventure time is a cartoon where a boy named finn and a dog named jake embark on many adventures and make lot of new freinds along the way you can find the first series   on click here to go to the site and search adventure time

these are some  pictures of adventure time characters

Image result for marceline the vampire queen


minecraft is a game that lets you express yourself and what you like

minecraft is a game where you can build what ever you want

you can play minecraft on a variety of different electronics such as

phone,pc,xbox ,play station or ipad

there are 2 different mode you can play in creative and survival

these are some pictures of minecraft

Image result for www.minecraft

my yorkshire terrier

name: molly

age: 4

type: yorkshire terrier

likes: sausages,licking people and  chicken

dislikes: chocolate

this is a picture of her



pokemon  is  a  game  where  you  try to catch all the pokemon

now  your  probably  wondering   what pokemon are well   pokemon  are a  race of little creatures that can be caught  in  a  pokeball

now a pokeball  is a mechanical ball made of red steel and silverImage result for pokemon charactersImage result for pokemon characters

pokemon is originally from japan and there are pokemon cards that are ranged up to 30,000 euros

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